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We are located in Northern California between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. All our dogs are breed to maintain the IOEBA breed standards for Olde English Bulldogges.  We currently do not have any puppies for sale. There are before and after pictures of our previous puppies on the "Photo Gallery" page.
Breeder's Code of Ethics 
The International Olde English Bulldogge Association ask and request that all breeders subscribe to the IOEBA - Breeder's Code of Ethics as well as promote the highest standards among breeders and owners and to encourage and support sportsmanship and cooperation in the preservation, advancement and improvement of IOEBA registered breeds. I will keep accurate records of my dogs.  These records will include registration certificates, stud service contracts, pedigrees, vaccination and breeding records. I will maintain absolute identification of all my dogs, examples: photos, tattoos, microchips, registration papers and pedigrees.  I shall plan each breeding with the objective of the improvement and advancement of the breed.  I will thoughtfully select my stud dog and brood bitch with an emphasis on good health, correct conformation, temperament, working drive and ability while all the time referring to the IOEBA breed standard and the principles of genetics. I will maintain the highest standards of health and care for my dogs and I will provide sufficient water, food, shelter and veterinary attention as needed. I will provide each buyer with IOEBA registration papers at the time of sale, unless a written agreement stating otherwise has been signed by the buyer. I will help and educate the potential clients as to the basic characteristics, both physical and mental, of my breed to assist in determining if it is the right breed for them. I will provide proper socialization for all my dogs and puppies and interact with each daily. I will not be involved in or use my dogs for any illegal activity.  None of my dogs are intended for any illegal activity and will not be sold for such use. I will refrain from releasing my puppies to their new owners until they are at least seven weeks old, or eight weeks if they are to be shipped.

The International Olde English Bulldogge Association's  Breeder's Code of Ethics has been designed as a guideline for breeders and fanciers.  It is not a legal document and should not be construed as a rule or regulation to be enforced by punishment, it carries no enforceable punishment.  A breeder's adherence to the Breeder's Code of Ethics is voluntary. 





Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at our dogs. Let us know if you have any questions